Car Buying for INTJs

car-salesman-cartoon-i7 2Okay, dealerships, I need to buy a new (to me) vehicle and I’m really tired of the advertising that is geared to people who aren’t me, aka the INTJ buyer.

Honestly, if I can place an order and have a pizza in 30 minutes or less, I’d really like to shop for a car in a similar fashion.  I know what features I want.  It would be much more pleasant for all parties involved if I could just select those options and you tell me what you do or don’t have.

I really don’t want to browse through your website.  Heck, if I wanted to browse, I’d come onto the lot where you can talk to me.  Don’t make your website the online version of that.  I’d rather not look through a flood of pictures, especially if I can’t filter by color even.  After a while, all of those name are a blur to me.  Is it a Ledge? A Vision? A Lunar Event?  I can’t keep it straight when there’s no apparent logic to the naming.  Give me a way to shop effectively.  There’s a couple of great examples for that.  Try following their model.

And, please, spare me the pricing game.  Tell you what, you post what you really want for the car.  I’ll let you mark it up by whatever you are willing to give me for a trade-in.  Sound fair?  After all of the math is done, that’s the number that I actually want.  I really don’t care about any of the other numbers, rebates or incentive plans.  And if I don’t like that number, I’m going to be less inclined to talk to you anyway.  After all, you just wasted a bunch of my time and yours.  So spare me the pricing game.  Just give me the number.

Finally, if you are dealing with both my husband and me, please pay attention to the body language.  You really need to understand your customer better.  If I’ve sat and not said anything about what I want out of the vehicle, don’t assume that I want the same things as my husband.  Honestly?  I want the exact opposite of everything he just listed.  Yes, we are that couple.  He wants the safe, economic practical vehicle.  I want the impractical vehicle that doesn’t allow for luggage, kids or dogs.  What can I say?  What I want and what I should get are two different things.

Now’s the time.  Show me that the customer is always right.  You’ll win my business for every future car purchase I make.


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