Naming conventions

baby_nameDo you name your machines?  Over the years, I’ve had friends who have named their vehicles.  Occasionally, a coffeemaker.  I’ve never gotten into it myself.  Now, I’m wondering if I missed out on something really fun and spectacular:

“Not everybody gives their computers, smartphones, or wireless networks distinctive names. You’re more likely to see a thousand public networks named “Belkin” or some alphanumeric gibberish than one named after somebody’s favorite character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

But many, many people do name their machines — and ever since we slid into the post-PC era, we’re more likely to have a bunch of different machines of every different type living together on a network, each needing a name. So, how do you decide what to call them? Do you just pick what strikes your fancy at the moment, or do you have a system?”

I always find the most interesting thoughts on and the post about Naming the Machines was no exception.

The only machine I’ve ever been in charge of naming is the router.  I went with the rather boring last name option.  One of my neighbors is more creative; their’s is named “Mommy loves jelly beans.”

I really like this name for either my phone, or my tablet:  Wallace.  Mainly, because I agreed with the author of the post; yelling “WTF is Wallace?” is something I can get behind.  I’m frequently looking for both of those items.

Now that I’m thinking along those lines, I have a variety of devices in my household that need names.  It sounds like something that needs to happen.

Do you name your machines?  What’s the best one to date?

One thought on “Naming conventions

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    Apparently, in college, my dad named his car “Cognito” so he could go driving “in Cognito.”

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