Book Banter: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

SRC blog headerTitle: After I Do
18775359Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Genre: Romance
Length: 352 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  An ARC from BookSparks/Summer Reading Challenge

Plot Basics: Lauren and Ryan have hit the point in their marriage where everything about each other is no longer fun, sweet and adorable. Instead, it is horrible, aggravating and intolerable. Like many couples, they decide that they need a break. Neither is read for the Big D, but they can’t continue like this either.

A year long furlong — including the freedom to date other people — might be just what they need. But does it mean that they will stay together? Or go their separate ways?

Banter Points: I was really nervous about this book.  I’ve married to my husband for 11 years and we’ve known each other for 14.  Reading about a couple that falls out of love and then decides what to do about it put me on the edge.  Was it going to be edgy and full of one night stands?  Would they even try to keep their marriage together?

And what would it make me think about my own marriage?

Just like in real life, the things that divided this couple aren’t the big things.  No one cheated on the other person or caused a big financial discord.  It was a myriad of little things that drive you crazy.  Like socks on the floor.  Or always doing the laundry.  Or never getting an answer about where to go for dinner.  Many of the griefs lodged in the book are ones I’ve experienced and it made Lauren and Ryan feel so real to me.

I’ve never read a romance like this one before.  Traditional romances about falling in love and living happily ever after haven’t interested me in ages.  Personally, I’m comfortable in my relationship and I really enjoyed reading about characters like me.

Bummer Points: There wasn’t much too this book that I didn’t like.  I wanted to hate Ryan, for him to have done something really stupid, but I couldn’t.  Or find some sort of flaw with Lauren.  Again, not possible.  It was just a beautiful story.

Stacie’s Recommendation: If you have ever wondered if there is love after marriage, read it.

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