Monday Mish-Mash

It’s 6:35 in the morning, and I’ve realized I don’t have a blog post for today.

So, here we are for a few random thoughts:

1. As I was sitting here at the computer pondering a post, new email popped up in my inbox, telling me the eBook copy of “World of Trouble” by Ben H. Winters was available to check out from the Library. I had both the eBook and the print book on hold and obsessively checked the catalog to see my status on these. I grabbed my iPad, downloaded the book and now want it to be lunchtime so I can dive in. Ben will be a Word Nerds guest in the coming weeks, so if you aren’t paying attention to these books and this author, you’ve got time to catch up.

2. Over the weekend, I finished Ally Carter’s great “Heist Society” trilogy. I hope she writes more of these. Smart, fun YA with a great girl character who’s smart and trying to do the right thing (even if she’s a thief.) I give major thumbs-up to Carter for keeping the romance in the book at a tame level. Parents of teenagers who worry about that sort of thing could confidently give their daughters these books and not have to be nervous about what kind of example is being portrayed. And if their daughters end up with a fictional crush on W.W. Hale the Fifth, he’s a pretty good guy (aside from the whole aspiring con artist thing) for her to dream about.

3. I believe that the ending of season 2 of Endeavour (thank you, Masterpiece Mystery) has to mean there will be a season 3. HAS TO. It might even be possible right now that Endeavour Morse has taken the “#1 brilliant, British, tall, lanky detective” spot away from a certain other brilliant, tall lanky British detective in my head and that’s saying something. All of season 2 is available to stream on right now

4. @sketchlibrarian and I share a love of Jamie Cullum tunes. She does these clever “sketch-a-quote” drawings that she posts on Twitter. Weeks back I mentioned it’d be fun to do a Jamie Cullum one and on Saturday, I got this:

famous penguin


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