Question for you:  Do you journal?  If so, why?  How did you get started?

I found my first journal by accident.  I was in one of those stores that has bits and pieces of everything and nothing (they used to be called five and dimes, but I’m actually too young to know that.)  The store was in my mom’s hometown, which was located in the middle of nowhere.

I wanted nothing so much as I wanted that.  I don’t exactly recall how I got the money, but I do remember success in getting the journal.

I still have it, although it hasn’t been opened in too many years to count.  I’m positive that it is filled with anguish as I was in my early teens when it was purchased.  I wanted nothing so much as to fill that journal.  I didn’t necessarily care how, just that it was filled.

Fast forward a few years and I have more journals on my shelves, in various states of filled.  A few are complete.  Others, at the half way mark before something stopped their progress.  I wonder if any more will join them as I’ve switched to a digital version now.  It feels safer as it is behind some passwords and in the cloud; the old ones felt safe too, mainly because my handwriting is atrocious.

I feel like I have to journal in order to process something.  When the world starts to swim around me, I have one of three reactions:

  1. Make a To Do list
  2. Organize the sets of information
  3. Journal

Really, all three are related.  As I organize emails (or what ever format of information), I realize what I need to do and start to jot those things into a list.  I journal as a way to talk myself through the ideas that I have or comments that linger in my mind.  This is where I practice saying things that I want to say.

I cannot imagine not doing this, yet, as I look at my current journal (albeit digital), I haven’t written anything in at least a month.  I’m positive that my life is just as chaotic as ever and that the three items above will help  me get it back under control.

As an INTJ, journaling helps me process information and organize it.  It helps me see patterns in things that otherwise I could not.  It helps me make sense of the world.  The amount of thinking that I do and analyzing of things (that may or may not require it) is overwhelming.  And this helps.

So, back to the question, because I want to understand the readers here better:  Do you journal?  If so, why?  How did you get started?


One thought on “Journaling

  1. brienblog says:

    I’m INTJ and I also journal. Your 3-step process is very close to mine. I don’t know what order in which you use each step, but for me, I begin by journaling my thoughts, feelings on whatever is troubling me. I vent. Which I used to do using an audio diary, but that meant two files for the same issue, so I keep everything in written form.
    I like to work through what I’m feeling and thinking first before the next step, which is organizing my thoughts. Finally, I set up a plan of action.

    Journaling is extremely helpful to me. It keeps me sane. My lesser functions (Fi and Se) aren’t as developed as I’d like, but since I took up the habit to pull back and write down what overwhelms me, I’ve found I’m better equipped to making right decisions. I feel lighter and clear-headed. And even though I haven’t taken concrete steps towards solving a problem, it already seems as though I’ve solved it. In my head, it’s already done and now it’s about bringing that into the physical world…if that makes sense.

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