I still have the original iPad.  You know, the one without a camera or a retinal screen display or any numbers behind the name.  The OS stopped updating around 5.2; the latest iOS is somewhere in the 7.0 range.

I had to decide if I was going to invest in another iPad or if I was going to keep the older tech.  Or (gulp) switch to an Andriod based system.  There were a few things to consider.

One of the rules in my house, between hubby and I, is that we have to validate the necessity of a purchase when the dollars exceeds a certain amount.  See, both of us have hobbies that the other doesn’t exactly understand.  So before making a purchase of a gadget — be it tablet or fishing locator — options have to be explained to the non-purchasing spouse.  This prevents the purchase of a gadget that is really cool sounding but with unknown features.

Since it was my rule, I can’t exactly complain about it.

So now I’m stuck trying to figure out why I need an iPad instead of a tablet.  And when I start to look at the options, I’m kinda wondering myself – is it because I’m comfortable with an iPad?  I have everything backed up and can simply transfer it all.  But do I need everything?  Or is everything a habit?

For those of you with android-based tablets, what do you think?  Is it just as good as an iPad?


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