dnfThe Wall Street Journal published this interesting article trying to figure out what best-sellers end up just collecting dust.

They create a scale of measurement — the Hawking Index — based on the idea that everyone has good intentions to read the famous physicist’s “A Brief History of Time” and get bogged down in all the science in chapter 1.

The WSJ admits their method is absolutely unscientific. They track where the most popular highlights are in Amazon eBook copies.

Maybe people who bought the actual doorstop version of the Piketty book read it cover to cover? (You won’t ever catch this Word Nerd slogging her way through an economics tome, digitally or in print…)

I did decide to abandon one of her Summer Reading Challenge titles about 10 percent in. Too much teenage angst in the pages and not enough plot to propel through it.

Reaching a point as a reader where I could say “DNF” without paroxysms of guilt was a big deal. It doesn’t happen often that I have to set one aside. But as Henry David Thoreau said, “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.”

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