Reading Stats: Q2

readDespite recent protests and rumors to the contrary, I actually did have a bunch of books read in June.  It just felt like a lot less as it was a fraction of what I read in April and May.

  • April:  14 books, 6,020 pages
  • May:  12 books, 4,356 pages
  • June:  7 books, 2,917 pages

June was about half as much as April and a two-thirds of May.  No wonder I felt like I wasn’t reading anything during the month!

(I shall retain my overall Word Nerd Status!)

For the year, I’m at 66 books, which is 16 ahead of schedule for my 100 book goal.  I’m at 27,046 pages.  In general, the books have been pretty long; the average pages per book is at 410.

I’ve add some good reading, some so-so reading.  Thankfully, nothing was a total failure (yet.  There’s always a chance.)

What’s on your list for the second half of the year?


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