Dialing back on Reading

It had to happen, right? That I (Stacie) would eventually run out of books to read. Or rather, I would stop reading the books that I have to read and lust after ones I don’t have.

My TBR is out of control and I have hundreds on the Kindle List, the Goodreads list, the Nook list, and probably a few other lists that I haven’t thought of yet. I have my eye on several books that are just released or releasing soon.

But nothing sounds good.

My day job recently changed — dramatically and for the good.  I find myself thinking about various aspects of it when I am listening to my audio book. That’s out as I find myself chapters beyond a point that I remember, wondering what the heck happened.

The weather is finally nice. There’s bike rides, walks, running, and just hanging out in the back yard to be done. Weekends have been visits with friends and family.

In other words, life has gotten in the way of reading. It was bound to happen, I realize. After all, summer is very short in Wisconsin so we pack a lot into it while it’s here. Usually I muster through and find something that is interesting. Not this month. Instead, I keep picking up and setting down the same three or four titles. I’m close to finishing a couple of them and the effort to find a new book seems overwhelming.

So, I decree that I am going to clean out the TBR on Kindle. I have a vacation in three weeks. During it, I am going to clear out any book that isn’t worth reading (goodbye, freebies.) I’m going to read the ones that sound good. And I’m going to keep life happening.

What’s up for your summer reading?


2 thoughts on “Dialing back on Reading

  1. ryandejonghe says:

    Go! Go enjoy that short Wisconsin summer. Have fun!

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