Book Banter: The Revealed by Jessica Hickam

SRC blog headerTitle:  The RevealedThe_Revealed-Jessica_Hickam-200x300

Author:  Jessica Hickam

Genre:  Dystopia

Length:  314 pages

Where Stacie’s Copy came from:  BookSparks/Summer Reading Challenge

Plot Basics:  If there was a chance you could die at the age of 18, would you hid in your house for a year?  What would you do if you had been warned that you would?  The Revealed have marked Lily, daughter of presidential-hopeful for the new region America, as one that they will take.  They have mysterious powers that frighten some, confuse others.  Lily refuses to hide.  And she’s right, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Banter Points:  The scare factor behind the Revealed was pretty cool.  Kids that are rich enough hide behind their locked gates.  Others?  Well, if you don’t have money, maybe what the Revealed have is better for you than what Life offers.  Lily is clearly in their targets and it made me evaluate how I would react in the situation.  Would I be scared?  Would I try to face them head on?

Lily’s parents were very interesting to me.  They seems to have a level of dedication and honest-to-goodness purity that many in the public sector don’t have.  No matter what they did to Lily (and they weren’t going to win parent of the year), I honesty believed that they were devoted to the country that they wanted to rebuild.

Bummer Points:  Lily is all over the place.  She’s scared.  She’s defiant.  She’s daring.  She’s fearful.  And while I get that is all in reaction to what is going on, it made her a wishy-washy character with poor judgment in my mind.  I like my female protagonists to be confident (even when I think that they are wrong.)  Lily just didn’t do it for me as a character, but I understand her appeal to different type of audience, one that is less confident.  After all, at the end of the book, Lily is in a pretty intriguing spot that could help form her character greatly in the next section.

Recommendation:  There are tighter, more effective Dystopia novels out there.  The premise of The Revealed is cool and while I really liked that, I’m not sure that the execution was good enough to make me continue the series.

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