I don’t know why I think I’m going to read tons of books on vacation, but I always do.

I know some people take vacations to go to the beach and sit and read, but when I go places I tend to do things while I’m there. Maybe this defeats the purpose of vacations to relax. I find reading all the signs in museums relaxing in its own right. Also, I don’t like sand.

I love reading books on airplanes, but once I’m at a destination, the read plummets precipitously.

But, I have a level of anxiety about what to read and how many real books vs how many ebooks to take. This all culminates in the overarching worry — WHAT IF I PACK THE WRONG THING?

The end result is then that I go a little nuts.

I put LOTS of eBooks on hold so that I can determine which the most appropriate thing when I’m gone.

Here was list of books (physical and otherwise) for a recent trip:

  • The Clockwork Scarab, Colleen Gleason (eBook)
  • Midwinter Blood, Marcus Sedgwick (eBook)
  • The Last Policeman, Ben Winters (eBook)
  • The Accident, Chris Pavone (eBook)
  • Assassin’s Apprentice, Robin Hobb (book)
  • Royal Assassin, Robin Hobb (book)

Before I left, I also had the following books on hold, desperately hoping I’d get the email they were in, just so I’d have more choices.

  • The Rook, Daniel O’Malley (eBook)
  • Worth Dying For, Lee Child (eBook)
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