Take Two Review: Skin Game

skingame_medWith a new Dresden Files book out a week and a half ago, Stacie and I both got to spend some time with our favorite wizard.

Here are our thoughts on the new one.


Stars and Stones, as Harry Dresden would say. After wobbling a bit with “Ghost Story” and “Cold Days,” Butcher is back in top form with the 15th novel in his Dresden Files series. As always, Harry has to race the clock, fight off monsters and untangled who’s double-dealing whom in an action-packed plot. This one returns to old villains and old friends and still serves us some great surprises.

There was one plot point that I honestly wondered if Butcher couldn’t figure out how to get out of because how he dealt with it felt rather deus ex machina but seeing as how he stories all spiral together, it will come back, I’m sure.

I like the risks that Butcher takes. He’s not George R.R. Martin, but I like that after 15 books in a series, no characters are safe.


I was thrilled that all of the characters that Butcher has put into the novels over the last 15 entries really paid off. I honestly don’t know how Harry could have pulled off the caper without them. And throwing some of the minor ones in at the last minute would have felt odd. None are a toss away and all were important to the plot.

Some of the best stuff happened at the end of the novel, that would be spoilers if I listed it here. Like always, Butcher did some of his best stuff after the main action was completed. Like what is going on with Molly. And Murphy. Or Butters. I really can’t say, but the possibilities for the next book are there. And I’m already speculating.

This also was back to the basics for Harry, with a case, a paying client who’s motives are less than pure (I mean, is there a better bad guy out there?), and a massive plan that is sure to cause some sort of trouble along the way. It was classic Dresden but in a completely fresh way. Butcher is great at that.


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