Tormenting Your Kids, aka Parenting as an INTJ

One of the great things about parenting is that you can torment your kids for the sake of making them better people.

Let me explain.

Cookies before dinner isn’t okay when the kids ask, but it’s okay when I want them.  Or, reading until the wee hours of the morning is fine for me because I can caffienate properly the next day, but the kids aren’t allowed caffiene therefore they aren’t allowed to stay up late.  Oh, and they need sleep to grow properly.

When the kids are old enough to start developing personalities that relate to specific types, the fun can begin.

One of my boys is clearly in the S camp in the MBTI program while the other is in the N category.  The S loves order, logic, clear endings and beginnings.  He is a rule follower.  The N is all about what makes sense.  To him.  Conversations with him start are similar to those tv commercials where you start the day with a bad decision and end up as a ninja. It could be fun,  but probably not.

The best part of it is when I get to have conversations with the two of them.  Take the cookie example.  The S child will argue, that the rules should be broken and cookies should be allowed before supper on a as needed basis.  The N will argue that it doesn’t matter because if you eat all of your supper and get cookies, the order doesn’t actually matter.

Watching them come up with reasons and the why behind any answer is the coolest part of being a parent.  As an INTJ, I love studying people and trying to get them to make sense.  The boys are entering a new phase of life next year: high school and middle school.

And I have to wonder, as they enter these formative years, will they still argue the same way for cookies?  Or am I in for some new logic to argue why I’m the only one allowed to have cookies before supper.

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