The Truth about the TBR

I’ve been living in denial at the state of my TBR pile.  According to Goodreads, it’s about 70 to 75 books at any given time.  Given the way I burn through titles, that’s really not that bad.

Until I started digging into some dark and scary corners of my

I won’t even mention that some of those titles on Goodreads have been on the TBR for more than three years.  Trust me, while that’s a scary fact, I have some that are way worse.

Like my Kindle.

I’m totally in love with my Kindle.  I love that I can carry it in my pocket.  I can read wherever I want.  No one knows how many books it can hold.

Including me.

I was recently digging around in my Kindle, seeking a book that “sounded good.”  And realized that I had a lot of books that I had never heard of.  I have no idea how they got there or who the author is.  It’s sort of like wandering the stacks at the local library.  I discovered that I have 176 titles on my Kindle that I haven’t read.

Yes, 176.

Slowly, the horror crept over me.  I had gone crazy on “freebies.”  You know, those freebie books from authors that are trying to build a reading base.  When I first got my Kindle I grabbed tons of these books, intending to read them in my spare time.  Ha, right.  Instead, they’ve been collecting digital dust over the last several years.  Languishing in my electronic files for the right moment to read them.

photo (1)A second wave of horror washed over me.  I did the same thing with my Nook application.  And my iTunes books.  I’m scared to open other reading apps.  Who knows what lurks there?

In reality, I have a reading supply for at least three years.  Maybe more.  I have no idea what I’m going to do.  The analyst in me wants to build a spreadsheet to track them:  Title, Author, dates added to the list, reading status.  At which point my Type A personality kicks in and declares that I should read them all!

I fear that it’s quite hopeless to conquer the problem.



One thought on “The Truth about the TBR

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