Book Banter: Cure for the Common Breakup

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Cure For the Common Breakup_CoverTitle: Cure for the Common Breakup

Author: Beth Kendrick

Length: 299 pages

Genre: chick lit

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: BookSparks/Summer Reading Challenge

Plot Basics: Flight attendant Summer Benson is somewhat of a man-eater. But when disaster strikes, she finds herself in Black Dog Bay, Delaware, to heal and rebound. Her first-class savvy helps her stand up to the town’s idiosyncrasies and catch the eye of handsome and perpetually single Mayor Dutch Jansen. Summer’s blissful, canicular days may not last though as the town’s biggest bully (Hattie Huntington) forces her to make an impossible choice — leave Black Dog Bay forever, or stay and cost the town everything.

Banter Points: If Hollywood’s not snapping this one as a movie, they should be. This story would translate really well to the big screen, because Kendrick’s writing is very visually specific. Summer has a red convertible. She has to wear a dreaded lavender tea-length dress and Hattie’s house is purple. Mayor Jansen tends to wear gray suits. The town was vivid in the story, a backdrop that came to life.

It’s a beach book of the first order… read and let your brain check out. There was one laugh-out-loud moment that I recall. It’s a sweet romance too with none of the action getting too spicy on screen.

Bummer Points: My reading timing got all out of whack and what I wanted to be reading was a Reacher thriller, not a chick lit/rom-com. I wanted bullets and fist fights and action sequences. “Cure for the Common Breakup” was way too saccharine and schmaltzy for me given that.

The problem with Kendrik’s highly visual writing was that the characters tended to be stereotypical, flat or simply unbelievable. The townsfolk were indistinguishably flat. Summer’s supposed to be friends with many of them, but to me they were “pack girls,” nothing to separate one from the other. Summer and Dutch’s romance felt like a plot point and not two people legitimately connecting. Staunch and smart bachelor that he was supposed to be, Summer’s ploys should have made him take out a restraining order, not fall to her charms. If the mayor was as responsible as other characters said he was, he wouldn’t have given in so easily to Summer. The premise of their relationship didn’t work for me.

Word Nerd Recommendation: My dislike of this book is probably about me and not the book, so if you typically like this kind of story, this one is probably right up your alley.



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