Book Banter: Pack of Strays by Dana Cameron

pack of straysTitle: Pack of Strays
Author: Dana Cameron
Genre: Urban
Length: 334 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From: An ARC from 47North
Plot Basics: Zoe Miller is following the call of the Fangborn to fight those who are evil. She can identify them by smell – something the Fangborn never get wrong. She is still collecting artifacts too, but with new and possibly dangerous side effects. The two are linked, and it’s her life if she can’t figure out how. If she doesn’t, the consequences could be terrible for the Fangborn.

Banter Points: Cameron’s writing really took off in this title. Her craft was much improved in this entry. The dialogue was tighter, crisper. Cameron’s background as an archaeologist played into this story as well, but the results were very different. The characters still travel the globe and uncover artifacts, like in the first title. This time, we get to see more of the behind the scenes via Zoe’s mental lab. It’s her own space where she can examine the artifacts that are gathered and how they can be used to work together. It was a cool way for Zoe to make sense of the vast amount of information she quickly needed to assimilate. (My other favorite part would fall into the spoiler bucket.)

Bummer Points: Zoe still has the habit of making snap judgments about people. I kept waiting for her trust to be betrayed or her intuition about someone to be wrong. Of course, the Fangborn have an amazing gift for smelling evil, so it’s possible that Zoe used that skill to make her decisions. I felt like it was too easy though for her to always be right. However, that may say more about the kind of books I read, than Zoe’s actual judgment.

Stacie’s Recommendation: It’s an interesting next edition in the series and Cameron’s voice for Zoe is developing well. I’m interested in seeing where the final edition leads the reader.


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