One of the great thing about discussing books with fellow readers is the short cuts and hidden language that takes place. You can instantly identify your “pack” because of the jokes that they get, the stories that they recognize, the conventions that they understand.

For example, I love telling people “42” when they state that they have a question. Typically, it elicits an interesting response. Right or wrong, I’m amused by the results. (Whether my amusement or their response is right or wrong has been left for you to judge. There hasn’t been sufficient diagramming of the sentence to determine where I meant the modifier.)

I also love how other packs have this sort of language as well. I was recently talking to a cyclist who kept trying to translate my running pace into miles per hours. Runners prefer minutes per mile. It sounds cooler. (Yes, cyclists use that same argument.)

But there are some things, that no matter how much you think you know, you cannot really know until you experience it. There are millions of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it wasn’t until I stood by it, that I understood just how amazing that bridge truly is.  I’m humbled by the experience. photo

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