Website Round-up

There are a handful of websites that really make my life easy.  I mean, Google can answer just about anything for you, you only have to type in the question and enter the rabbit hole that comes up.

But for the truly helpful sites during a time wasting session, er, research session, these websites are on my go to list:

Fake Name Generator:  This one goes further than your typical first and last name, fake name generator.  It also provides a full identity including addresses, ethnicity, favorite colors, weight, you name it.  Need a plug in character?  Want to start a short story?  Stop here for all your character description needs.

Online Etymology:  This one is great if you need to dig into the culture changes that affect our language and how the usage of words have changed over time.  Be sure to set a timer before entering this site.

Word Frequency Counter:  Getting feedback from your crit group (or helpful friends that swear you’ve said something a million times?)  Plug in your WIP and see what words and phrases pop out.  Careful – they just might be right.

ManualsLib:  Need to know how something works?  Perhaps your protagonist has cool devices and gadgets that you can’t afford?  Check out ManualLib’s collection and see what sort of things you can do with that gadget that you want to get your hands on.

What sites are a must on your list?


One thought on “Website Round-up

  1. Sebastiene says:

    I’ve been using this a lot so I can simplify my occasionally convoluted sentences. (I don’t have a fancy phone, so I just use the website.)

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