Extroverts are funny

Okay, the internet has been overwhelmed with information about introverts and our need for space, our need for distance from people, our love of books and music.  Well, you know.

Introvert Problems

The Extroverts out there are subject to problems of their own.  Here’s a few, as created by Jessica M:

Like talking too much…or talking too much at work or in class in general, because it’s second nature to you.

Feeling like you should have more shame or sense of embarrassment than you do, because you don’t mind being the center of attention.
Crazy Dancing

When everyone talks about how all they want to do is stay home and be on Tumblr and marathon Netflix, and you’re just like:


After all, they must deal with their trials and tribulations too.  The Nerds have extroverted friends and loved ones.  We feel your pain.  Not quite as our own, but feel it nonetheless.

Cheers to a great weekend filled with lots and lots of people.  Just not me.

Spend time the way you want


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