Author Answers with Alexa Egan

Alexa EganThe Word Nerds are pleased to have Alexa Egan providing the answers today.  Alexa is behind the Imnada Brotherhood series about shape shifters in Regency-era England.  Take it away, Alexa:

WN:  Tell us more about your books – what should a reader expect?  What kind of reader will like them?

AE:  As a result of a savage massacre on the eve of Waterloo, four soldiers of the Imnada are cursed to live the hours of darkness trapped as their animal aspect.  As they battle to break the curse, they must also struggle against ancient enemies who have discovered their existence and those among their own kind bent on their destruction.

This is a story for anyone who enjoys swashbuckling sword and sorcery, hot romance, or anything in between.

WN:  Regency London, shape shifters, Napoleon and the Fae – how on earth do you keep track of everything?

AE:  Copious notes and overflowing bookshelves! LOL! Plus, I’ve lived in this world for so long that much of it is second nature to me now. I know my characters and my setting and I understand how the otherworldly and human interact and coexist. It’s the details I sometimes struggle with; what color eyes did Character A have in the first book or what did I name Minor Character B three chapters ago? That’s where cp’s and editors come in VERY handy 🙂

WN:  Who or what has been an influence on your writing?  Why?

AE:  My first taste of romances was Victoria Holt’s moody gothics and Mary Stewart’s early romantic suspenses. Then I discovered Georgette Heyer and I was hooked on the Regency era. But I’ve always been drawn to Science Fiction and Fantasy as well and such authors as McCaffrey, Lackey, Zimmer Bradley, and Kay to name a few. I love the worldbuilding involved in that kind of story. And the idea that I can draw on legends and myths to create something completely my own is very appealing.  I suppose all those influences jumbled together turned into my mash-up of paranormal-historical romance that became the Imnada Brotherhood.

Warrior's CurseWN:  It’s a tough choice – but who is your favorite character?  Why?

AE:  I’ve always had a soft spot for my secondary characters. They tend to get way more stage time than they should and I’m always having to sit them down before they take over the series. The Imnada Brotherhood features two such secondary characters; Badb – the mysterious Fey girl who works in tense alliance with the shapeshifters and Lucan, an ancient warrior despised as a traitor and a murderer who is released from a Fey prison after thousands of years.

When the books began, I had a vague sense of who they were and what roles they would play, but as the stories progressed, they grew larger in my mind and more important to the plot. And while I won’t give away any spoilers, I’m already trying to figure out how to work my way out of the corner I’ve written myself into so I can finally let these characters have their moment in the spotlight.

WN:  What is your writing space like?  Any essential tools?

AE:  I have an office that is slowly being eaten alive by clutter. One wall is floor-to-ceiling overflowing bookshelves. There is a daybed covered with papers and notes and more books, and a desk that is a jumble of office supplies, more paper and books with a tiny sliver of room left over for my laptop. That being said, I work at the dining room table with my Rodale’s Synonym Finder, my A to Z Regency London, and an enormous unending cup of coffee, and only retreat to my office in dire emergencies when I need a locked door between myself and the world

WN:  What question didn’t the Word Nerds ask that we really should have?

AE:  I think you did a great job of covering anything, but I wanted to thank you for inviting me here with a giveaway. I would love to offer the Imnada Brotherhood novel of choice to one winner that you select

Thanks, Alexa!  If you’d like to check out the Imnada Brotherhood, leave your name in the comments.  We’ll draw a winner on April 30, 2014.  If you’ve been a past winner of a Word-Nerd give away, you are eligible for this contest.



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