A Brief Interruption

Spring is finally here in Wisconsin and I’m getting back into racing shape for my third appearance at the Fox Cities Half Marathon (which sounds really cool, but I’m very slow.)  This year, I decided that need to cross train, which really hasn’t been a focus in the past.

Fortunately, my employer participates in the National Bike Challenge.  And my department has some pretty competitive people which is good for me because I’ll get and log the miles that translate to points.

The points are what make it great.  Every day that a rider logs a mile or more, they get twenty points.  Just for getting out there and riding!  Plus they get 1 point per mile.  I have no idea how many miles I’ll end up logging but I know that I can use that twenty point advantage to get as many points as I can.

bikingTake tonight’s ride, for example:  I rode 4 miles, which would give me 24 points.  If I do that 4 times a week, I’ll have 96 points.  I have no idea if that is good or bad but! it fits in with the kind of person that I am!  It’s data! And I can track number.  Crunch them.  Analyze them.  Etc.

It does require the use of an app like Endomondo – not a huge deal but it’s another app on my phone.  I wish that it had a few others that I’m already using instead of adding a new one.

In all, I’m pretty excited about the challenge and that I have an employer that uses programs like this one to promote healthy lifestyles.

What are you doing, now that winter is on it’s way out and Spring is coming in?


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