Shakespeare Star Wars

I’ve been reading “The Empire Striketh Back,” the sequel to “Verily, A New Hope” and thinking just how hilarious it would be to have these actually staged as plays.

I’m sure some high school kids or college students have done/are doing that. But I want to see it done with a real cast of people who know how to do Shakespeare.

I took this idea to a friend of mine, who is not only a Star Wars fan but an appreciator of Shakespeare, and together, we have assembled our dream cast. We set some rules about who was available for consideration:  the actor/actress must be alive, have legit Shakespeare experience and/or significant acting chops that would lead us to believe they could handle the part, and must not be part of the original movies, even if they are still alive and fit the other criteria.

Our dream cast for the Shakespeare Star Wars, to be directed by Kenneth Branaugh:

(in order of appearance, as best as I can do from memory):

C-3P0: David Tennantbw tennant

R2-D2: voiced by Martin Freeman

Darth Vader: Laurence Fishburne

Princess Leia: Natalie Dormer

Mof Tarkin: Alan Rickman

Uncle Owen: Hugh Bonnevillenatalie

Luke Skywalker: James McAvoy

Aunt Beru: Penelope Wilton

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ben Kingsley

Han Solo: Richard Armitagemcavoy

Greedo: Brad Dourif

Chewbacca: Christopher Eccleston

Mon Mothma: Judi Dench

Biggs Darklighter: Rufus Sewell

Wedge Antilles: Tom Hiddlestonarmitage

General Rieekan: Peter Cayote

General Veers: Jeremy Irons

Admiral Piett: Jonathan Pryce

Yoda: Sir Patrick Stewart

Emperor Palpatine: Sir Ian McKellanhiddleston

Lando Calrissian: Denzel Washington

Boba Fett: Jonathan Rhys-Myers

Jabba the Hutt: Derek Jacobi

Admiral Ackbar: Brian Blessed

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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Star Wars

  1. Genius. Genius, genius, genius. Of course, everyone is going to have slightly different ideas, but that list is about as close to perfect as anyone is going to get.

    (If you’re interested in anyone else’s opinion, I’ll throw mine into the ring. Personally, would only disagree on two points. Tom Hiddleston has won numerous awards for his Henry V and Coriolanus. Shakespeare is his favorite thing in the world. Seriously. Don’t get me wrong. I *love* Richard Armitage for Han Solo, but T.H. would be wasted on Wedge. And no Benedict Cumberbatch? That voice as Darth Vader!)

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