Veronica Mars: The Movie

In March 2013, I posted that Kickstarter Saved the Day! because it provided the funding for concluding Veronica Mars, based on the crowd-sourced funding model.  A mere year later, the movie appeared in theaters, albeit not one close to me. Instead, hubby and I watched it after purchase.


CaptureTime as passed, and the movie opens with Veronica applying for a serious job – as a lawyer. She has to justify some of her past behaviors and exploits (ahem, the sex tape) as part of the interview. It was a great way to show us that she is a grown-up and has moved beyond all of it.

Or has she?

During the opening scene, she gets a text from Wallace who is trying to tempt her back to Neptune for their 10 year high school reunion. And so it begins, Veronica is pulled back to Neptune and her former life. It was a great introduction – although it isn’t Wallace that gets her to agree to it.

LoganOne of the cool things about the grown-up version of Veronica Mars is that she is like someone that you grew up with. You know her, love her, and understand why she still makes THAT mistake. Of course, the mistake involves Logan Echols and, let’s be honest, there are several women willing to make a mistake for him. Ahem.

The movie isn’t so much a movie as it is a really long episode of Veronica Mars. Sort of like the BBC Sherlock’s aren’t a movie, but they really aren’t the length of a television show either. I liked the format, unlike this Wired contributor. And while it’s true several of the former cast members had some bit parts that may not have been imperative to the movie, I was delighted to see them in it. Speaking as a fan, I loved the movie. As a critic? Yeah, that’s not the point. The point was to delight fans.

This fan is delighted.


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