2014 Q1 Reading Stats

March is over and with it Q1, so here are my reading stats for the year.

29 books (including 5 graphic novels and 4 audio books)

7149 pages read

I set my Goodreads goals at 85 books for the year, and it’s telling me I’m 9 books ahead of pace.

I signed up for #Read26Indy, a local initiative to try to get more people to read more books (one, every two weeks). According to that, I’m on book 24. I’m not counting audio books for that project (but I am graphic novels) and, I’ve left off a few brain candy books. Maybe that’s silly, but it’s my list.

In total, I’m 6 books ahead of where I was at this time last year. Last January, I was in the middle of changing jobs and there was not a massive snow/polar vortex that shut down the Midwest for two days, followed by an illness either. If this pace continues, I’ll finish the year with 110+ on my list.

Another stat milestone that I’m going to cross will be 250,000 total pages read. I started tracking pages in December 2005 when I started doing Word Nerd reviews. I’m currently at 243,628 pages; I should hit 250,000 in late May or early June.

Happy Reading!

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