The Throwback Project

I’ve been tracking what I read since mid-March of 2002.

It’s a habit that only took a few weeks to establish and now I’m sure I’m going to do it for the rest of my life. (At work, we heard a great story about this recently… a woman tracked her books for her lifetime and had thousands of titles on her list and most of them were library books.)

In glancing through the list, I realized that my reading tastes have shifted quite a bit in the last decade. In 2004 I would have said I was a sci-fi/fantasy reader and now I define myself as a mystery/thriller reader. In 2004, I hadn’t yet started Word Nerds and was really on the cusp of understanding that I was a reader in a way that other people weren’t. I read 82 books in 2004.

And in looking back, I forgot about some of the darn good books I read then. Darn good books.

Somebody famous (I can’t find the source… Google is utterly failing me right now) said that you should read books three times to really make them yours. Lots of other people have mentioned how when they reread books  it’s not really rereading the same book, but reading a new book because they, as readers, are different.

I figure a decade is a good period of time and change to discover if things I read then (in my apartment in Wisconsin) are different now.

Welcome to the Throwback Project. old_books

My goal is to find about three or four books from 2004 and throw them into the Eight-Up list. I got my first pick fairly quickly and have started into a reread of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American.

I hope to continue this practice for years. If I’m right about how this will work, in 2024, I’ll look back on 2014 and there’s a high likelihood that the good books I picked from 2004 will get picked again from the 2014 because they are timeless and fantastic.

So, I’m starting to revisit some of the old titles I read more a decade ago. My first pick is “The Quiet American” by Graham Greene. I love Greene and I’ve let my reading of his work fall away.

Other titles to expect from the 2004 Throwback Project include Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon, Robin Hobb’s Assassin Trilogy (these are saved for summer airplane reading!) and likely Frederick Buechner’s Godric. 

What books would you read for a Throwback Project?



3 thoughts on “The Throwback Project

  1. David says:

    Firestarter. The War of the Chtorr series. Apt Pupil. I already do The Watchmen this way.

  2. […] Choosing to reread the Farseer Trilogy served a two-fold purpose for me. First, it was part of my Throwback Project for this year and second, it’s getting me refreshed on this world since Robin Hobb is writing […]

  3. […] year, I started my Throwback Project, going back to the list of things I read ten years ago and picking out a few to read […]

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