Book Banter: The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer

The Fifth AssassinTitle: The Fifth Assassin
Author: Brad Meltzer
Genre: Thriller
Length: 448 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From: Oshkosh Public Library
Plot Basics: The President of the United States is a target for an assassin.  Over the course of US history, there have been two dozens attempts made on the Presidents life.  Of those attempts, only four have been successful.  Those four are being recreated in Washington DC, and Beecher White is trying to figure out who is behind it.

Banter Points:  The topic of this book is very intriguing to me.  An attack on the president is quite difficult to pull off, even in the fiction world.  It’s a topic that I like in books as it has some interesting twists and turns.  Meltzer used a third person narrative style that allowed the story to be unveiled from several different points of view, which added almost unlimited knowledge to the reader.

Bummer Points:  I struggled listening to this book.  The narrator didn’t always use enough voices for me to remember and distinguish between characters.  The story itself flips between present day and history without any indicators in the audio format.  It was confusing to keep track off.  I felt too that the suspense was built on the head jumping from the third person narrative, rather than because the events were suspenseful.  I was frequently tossed me out of the story too, which wasn’t any fun for me.  I kept with the story, mainly as an analytical exercise, to figure out what was or wasn’t working for me.  Audio contributed to the not working factor.

Stacie’s Recommendation:  This is a tough one to make a recommendation on.  It may have worked better in print than audio.  I’m going to give it a maybe.


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