Introverts Like People Too

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Introverts aren’t people haters.  Instead, they find interactions with people a drain on their energy.  As a result, they sometimes go out of their way to avoid people which is where the confusion comes from.

In my recent job change, I’ve gotten to know a brand new group of people and trying to figure them out, along with their personalities, communication preferences, and unique quirks has been one of the fun parts of the job.  I find people fascinating, but I’d really not rather have to deal with them.  At times I wish I could wear a white jacket, walking around with a clip board, taking notes and writing down my observations.

Instead, I have to interact with them.I'm Fascinated by People

It would be great if I could make them all take personality profile tests like Myers-Briggs or DiSC, but I’m not the boss and cannot demand it – and yes, I have suggested it.  If it wouldn’t get me in trouble with HR, I’d have them take the assortment of quizzes that Bethany posted.  My collection of super powers does not include working around the firewalls that IT has put in place.

Instead, I have to interact with them.

So I’ve decided to study them, sort of like a scientist.  Occasionally, I say something and see if I can get the predicted reaction.  Other days, I will just say the first thing that blurts out of my mouth.  I’m sure it is confusing them, but I’d discovered exactly what makes my boss laugh (always a good thing in my book.)

Between MBTI and DiSC, I’ve figured out who is which type, some of the stressors that I need to watch out for, and where I can have an impact on the team’s goals.  A positive impact that is.  It’s a good place to be for the team.


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