All those quizzes

Facebook has been rife with all those “which character” are you quizzes of late, thanks to Buzzfeed and Zimbio.

List-maker that I am, I started writing them down, instead of sharing each and every result. moriarty

Here’s who I am:

  • Haymitch
  • Sherlock (the PBS quiz)
  • Moriarty (the Zimbio quiz)
  • Tyrion
  • Loki
  • Princess Leia
  • Captain Picard
  • Zoe (which Joss Whedon heroine are you)
  • Count von Count (Sesame Street)
  • Hamlet (which Shakespeare character)

When I got to Downtown Abbey, there was some confusion. I am either: Lady Mary (Buzzfeed DA quiz)/Anna, Zimbio DA quiz/Bates, PBS DA quiz — something is seriously wrong with these results. I could see being Lady Mary and Bates at the same time, but Anna? (The Lady Mary results said something about about “being generally a nice person once someone proves they aren’t an idiot” and the Bates one said “Noble and a bit mysterious, you’re a genuinely decent person.” But Anna? The incorruptible, loyal best friend? How does that work….

And in non-character categories: I’m a PB&J sandwich, my ideal job is “Professor” (coincidence with Moriarty? I think not), and I should live in Paris. Or Latvia. It’s all come down to a bit of personality and geography whiplash, though there are certainly things that are common among all the answers. 

I’m not going to analyze these in the light of how INTJ these characters are. Nor am I going to fess up to the ones where I might have identified the pattern thus ensuring a specific outcome (if that’s not INTJ-ish, I’m not sure what is).

And for the kicker, my “Classic Author who is my soulmate” is: Fyodor Dostoevsky

You know the world is a depraved and twisted place, and you want a man who cuts through all the bull to what’s really at the dark heart of human nature. But, you also know that love is that glimmer of hope in the black kingdom of our souls, and you dream that your innocence and goodness will help heal this tormented bad boy…if only for a little while.

Guess this means I should get around to reading “The Brothers Karamazov”…

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2 thoughts on “All those quizzes

  1. writergirlnerd says:

    I really enjoy taking these quizzes too 🙂

  2. […] I have suggested it.  If it wouldn’t get me in trouble with HR, I’d have them take the assortment of quizzes that Bethany posted.  My collection of super powers does not include working around the firewalls […]

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