Top 10 Fictional Places or Fictional People I wouldn’t want to be

I’m  borrowing one of The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday lists (for a Thursday) again because I needed some blogging inspiration.

Top Ten Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In and/or Top Ten Characters I’d Never Want To Trade Places With

From bad to worst:

hitchhikers towel

10. Arthur Dent. Hitchhiker’s Guide is one of my favorite series’ but for all that, I’d rather not have to go gallivanting around the universe in my bathrobe after my planet is destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

9.  All the YA dystopian worlds. I don’t need to distinguish among The Hunger Games, or the Divergent Trilogy world, or Robin Wasserman’s Frozen world, or The Ashfall world, etc. All of them would be terrible. Broken governments, societal groupings that pit people against each other for survival (for entertainment!).

8.  Levin, from Anna Karenina. I’m socially awkward enough as it is, but I can’t imagine getting that much joy out of harvesting wheat.

7. The Game of Thrones world. I’d be a peasant or all my friends would be dead. Or I’d be dead. Plus, any fantasy novel like that with at least a modicum of historical accuracy to how life conditions were is not a place I’d like to be. Too much mud and too little food and the Red Wedding.

6. The Weather Warden world. I love Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series, but when people start tampering the weather in her stories, things get way worse. With the weather of this winter, I’m not convinced somebody hasn’t already dropped us in this fictional universe.

5. Stephanie Plum. All that swiping on of mascara and padding around (can she walk through her house any other way?) and owning of a hamster. And the whole Morelli/Ranger thing. Her family, work and romantic lives are so completely messed up all the time, I couldn’t handle it.

4. Don’t make me swap places with the “The Old Man and the Sea” old man. I would not do well in such a “grace under pressure” situation and moreover, I get sunburnt really easily. All that time in the boat, and I’d be a lobster. Though I haven’t read it yet, I’m going to assume the same for “Life of Pi” and the boat with the tiger as not being a place I’d want to be. 

3. Karrin Murphy, from The Dresden Files. Don’t get me wrong, I love Karrin. She’s tough tough tough. But she’s been mind-magicked, in more fights than you can count, dated a super-human sniper/bodyguard, had to compromise her personal ethics and her badge and tried to hold Chicago together in the worst of circumstances. And then there’s the fact that she and Dresden can’t ever figure out how to get together. Thanks, but no. I’ll read about her instead.

2. The “Lord of the Flies” island. Sucks to my astha-mar and my glasses would definitely get broken. I am all for ordered society.

1. Elizabeth Bennett. There is no way I could ever navigate that Austen-tacious world of propriety andMr-Darcy social slights and all the dancing and talking. Sorry, even Colin Firth Mr. Darcy’s not worth that.


One thought on “Top 10 Fictional Places or Fictional People I wouldn’t want to be

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be Alice in Wonderland. I’d much rather be the Cheshire Cat.

    And Karrin Murphy crossed my mind too but in the end, Harry wins me over.

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