Book Banter: Hyperbole and A Half

Title: Hyperbole and a halfHyperbole and a Half
Author: Allie Brosh
Genre: Non-fiction
Length: 367 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From: Personal Collection
Plot Basics: Allie Brosh shares her unique perspective on life, starting with a time capsule she wrote as a ten-year-old and including her battle with depression.  She offers a fabulous look into the mind of someone prone to exaggeration.

Banter Points: Fellow Nerd Bethany introduced me to Brosh ages ago.  Now, I love connecting with follow fans when ALOT is around or someone is waging war on spiders.  I was delighted to hear that Brosh was releasing a book with new, never before seen content.  And, it’s easier to explain laughing at an author than it is to explain laughing at a blogger.

Brosh has a way of looking at life that makes one think, “Me Too.”  Or perhaps, “Yep, I know someone who would agree with that.”  The drawings that accompany her pictures look like child-ish attempts to draw with Microsoft Paint, and while Brosh does use that program, it takes talent to make a drawing seem simple.

At times, I wondered how Brosh knew parts of my life so well.  I too have crazy dogs, albeit not as bad as Helper Dog.  I have cravings for sugar that make me want to rage at others.  I’ve gotten lost and pretended to know exactly what is going on.  Depression is scary and she explains it really well.

Bummer Points:  The binding on my copy is really tight and I feel like I’m going to crack the spine every time I open it.  I’m hoping that a multiple re-readings are going to make it feel better.  Neither ALOT or spiders made it into the book.  I missed ALOT.

Stacie’s Recommendation:  Read it.  At minimum, read the blog.  This is an early entry into the list for best books 2014.


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