Mini Review: Reacher #16-18 (The Final Installment)

If you’d like to get caught up on my mini-reviews, here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

#16 – The Affair:  Spoiler – this is the novel that Child wrote 16th but really is first.  It’s the last case that Reacher handles before leaving the Army.  Of course, Reacher tells it with a looking back, first person point of view.  It’s like he knows that he handled things roughly, but doesn’t actually apologize.  It really helped me understand the motivation and drive that Reacher had and why the Army stopped fitting him.

#17 – A Wanted Man:  Yet another delay on Reacher’s way to Susan.  Seriously, for a guy that regularly hitchhikes, it is somewhat surprising that it took this long for the ride to be the adventure, rather than a segue to a Reacher-style adventure

#18 – Never Go Back:  Reacher finally meets Susan.  Of course, it isn’t that easy.  He gets to her a bit too late; she’s already in prison.  And some younger tough guys try to scare Reacher off but he takes them down one at a time.  And there are people waiting for Reacher.  They want him somewhere else which isn’t part of his plan.  After all, he has to see if Susan is as beautiful as she sounds.

In all, this  installment really made me think, what now?  I mean, Reacher is getting older, having been out of the Army for more than a decade.  Some things don’t change, and others do.  At the end of this one, I really felt like Reacher might be changing.  Just a tiny bit.

Or not.  Reacher can go on busting heads and taking names for quite a while longer.  I’m perfectly satisfied.  And since Bethany hasn’t hit this point, I really can’t over analyze some of the plot points as I actually would like to.  Suffice it to say, Reacher is on the fictional character list for non-fictional feelings.


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