Valentine’s Day for Introverts

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is a perfect time to show your appreciation to your favorite introvert and give them the dream date that they really want, rather than the one that all of those other websites are recommending.  The Word Nerds are experts at this, given that both of us fall into the Introvert category. If you need Extrovert advice, try doing something with a large group of people. Or a situation where small talk is important. I hear those are good for the extroverted folks.

My advice really boils down to two points:  People and Location.  You have to get these right or it is going to be a horrible Valentine’s Day for you when dealing with an introvert.

My first recommendation is time alone with special people, total group not to exceed four. This could be spouse and kids, but the spouse should really evaluate if time alone without spouse and kids would be a better gift. Or, time with just a spouse acting like grown-ups rather than parents.  Basically, customize this option to what your spouse needs.  And, if you are single, first dates should be avoided on Valentine’s Day. Really, that’s just too much pressure. Don’t do it.

Locations should be quiet where conversations can be held and heard.  However, conversations should be expected to exceed small talk.  Serious topics should be expected so brush up on your world news and favorite in-depth topics.  Talking can be optional too so quiet instrumental music in the background is good.  Unobtrusive wait staff is necessary too, if a restaurant is going to be the choice here.  Book stores are an option too.  I’d love it if my Valentine’s date took me to a book store.

Of course, a night in with a prepped dinner and a bottle of nice wine is perfect too.  Have a plan for getting the dishes done.

If you start planning today, you’ll probably have it near perfect for next Friday.

And if you are my husband, any of the above will be perfect.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day for Introverts

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    And if your Valentine happens to be an introverted writer, please apply the following advice:

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