Mini Review: Reacher #13-15

The Mini Review is back!  I’ve been reading through the Reacher books again.  Here’s my thoughts on the next three.  And, if you’d like to get caught up on my mini-reviews, here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

#13 – Gone Tomorrow:  Reacher is on a train, headed to a place, still trying to see as much as possible in his quest to be unemployed and off the grid.  But his training kicks in and he recognizes the traits of a suicide bomber.  You see, there’s a checklist and Reacher felt that the fellow passenger is a risk.  He approaches and there begins the spiral into a decades old mystery.  It is somewhat fantastical that Reacher can solve the mystery – after all, it spans several generations.  Yet, in typical Reacher fashion, he thinks through it, connects the important pieces and seeks out the ones that he isn’t as sure of.  It’s pretty cool to watch him build the case.  I really don’t care if it is plausible or not because I love seeing it happen.

#14 – 61 Hours:  This was the start of a significant change in Reacher books.  I was completely unaware when I started reading it, tickled when I started Worth Dying For and THRILLED when I finished A Wanted Man because they all lead up to Never Go Back.  I’ve heard fabulous things about Never Go Back.   61 Hours takes place in a fictional town in South Dakota, my home state.  There were some minor things that a native would know better but it didn’t through me out of the book and I find it unfair to criticize; that being said, Lee, if you want to base a book there again or Wisconsin, call me.

Apply the Reacher formula to a sub-zero, incredible remote location (Reacher sweeps in, a problem finds him, he assists the locals, gets the bad guy, beautiful women along the way.)  This time the beautiful woman has Reacher’s former job in the 110th and she is helping him pull information.

#15 – Worth Dying For:  Reacher heads south to the slightly warmer state of Nebraska.  Again, apply the Reacher formula with one twist – the beautiful woman is from the last story and Reacher is headed to see her.  Yep, connected stories for what I believe is the first time.  And for the first time, the story starts a couple of days after the previous one finishes.  While the story contained in the book is great and true to who and what Reacher is, I’m more excited about what is waiting for him in DC.

So much so that I skipped The Affair and went start to A Wanted Man – and didn’t even notice that I missed one!

Up next:  The final Reacher Mini Review

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