Book Banter: Bad Little Falls

Title:  Bad Little FallsBad Little Falls
Author:  Paul Doiron
Genre:  Mystery
Where:  ARC from Minotaur Books (via M&MM)
Summary:  Game Warden Mitch Bowditch is slowly committing career suicide.  He has been exiled to a remote outpost, questions superiors and investigates matters that he has been told to stay away from.  However, the mystery around Jamie, her involvement with a local drug dealer and a pair of mysterious deaths in the middle of a blizzard, he just can’t seem to help himself.

Banter Points:  This is a third in a series and I really didn’t notice that until I was adding it to my Goodreads listing.  That’s a huge bonus in the title’s favor.  It’s not bogged down with backstory nor are references vague and annoying.  It read perfectly like a stand-alone.

That being said, I was thrilled that I could learn more about Mitch Bowditch and the role he has as a game warden.  The setting in Maine plays a major role in the story, similar to C.J. Box’s Wyoming setting playing a pivotal role in his Joe Pickett which I liked too.  I’m a Midwestern girl at heart and love books that portray the remoteness, the dependency on neighbors, and the way everyone knows everyone.  These may be set in Maine, but the feeling was one I could relate too.

Mitch is more than a little subordinate, something I personally could relate to.  When the boss seems wrong, and you seem right, it’s hard to listen to what needs to be done.  Ultimately, Mitch uncovers the truth.  The characters he meets along the way are fascinating.  I’m anxious to go back and see if they are repeat characters or new ones.

Bummer Points:  The ending was bittersweet.  It’s tough to say anything and not have spoilers.  However, it also makes the character development interesting.  The potential impact on future stories in there.  It doesn’t deter me from picking up another one.

Recommendation:  This was a good read and a title that I’d recommend to several friends.


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