Six Pack

I was the recipient of an Amazon Gift card and have been browsing the books for something new and different to read.  (Side note:  Why is it so hard to find a book when I have money to spend on one and easy when I don’t?  There should be a study on this.)
I’ve notice what I think is a clever marketing ploy – several authors publish one of their titles together in an effort to attract each other readers to their titles.  It worked for me, anyway.  I found a six-pack of “firsts” that I purchased because I recognized one of the authors:  Mindy Klasky.

Six Times a Charm – Six First in a Series Novels was a fun set of books to read.  It also gave me 1,920 pages to add to my stats in January.  I did read it cover-to-cover and was just as entertained by the re-read of Mindy’s book as I was the first time I read it.  In fact, I had kinda forgot about the series and this was a good reminder to follow-up with the series and see what’s going on.  Yes, as a matter of fact, it is just like catching up with an old friend.  Thank you for asking.

Okay, I should probably use that gift card to buy some of the books on my Goodreads TBR list.  There’s about 75 titles on it.  But it is so much more fun to add books that I haven’t bought yet.  And then there’s all those books in the physical collection that I haven’t touched I’m going to read this year.

I was born with a reading list I will never finish

I was born with a reading list I will never finish


2 thoughts on “Six Pack

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    Of the other first books in the pack, are you going to stick with any of those series?

    • I liked a couple of them enough to keep reading. Carpe Demon was clever an appealed. The protagonist is a soccer mom with two kids. Not your typical demon hunter. Easy Bake Coven was good too. The title was a bad choice and a deceptive. It wasn’t a fun light hearted romp. For the $1 it cost me, I several hours of entertainment and some new leads.

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