Graphic choices

Right at the start of 2014, I finished Brian K. Vaughn’s excellent Ex Machina series. I loved it with the superhero and politics combination.

I’ve heard great, great things about his Saga series, but it’s not all out yet. 

I thought about going back to reread Neil Gaiman’s Sandman’s but those are moodier than I think I want right now. Just because it’s winter and cold and hibernate-y, doesn’t mean I really want to read a very cerebral comic.

Going up to the 4th floor of the Library and just perusing the stacks felt too overwhelming. Yes, I found G. Willow Wilson’s Air series that way, but that’s no guarantee I’ll stumble on anything else that good just by chance.

Fables 1Instead, I decided to plunge into a series I’ve heard about but haven’t read: Fables. There are a bunch of volumes. There are spin-offs, crossovers, standalones, even a Fables novel. I found a helpful blog that lists out what order to read the books in to make sure you know what characters and plots are bouncing back and forth.

Fairy tales are great stories and I’m excited to see what Willingham and Co. do with them. On the other hand, as best I can count, there are 33 (or more) books in this series, so I may be committing to quite the long haul. Book one has been put on hold.

Anything else you’d recommend in the graphic novel world? Single volume stories? Major series?

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