My own TV binge

I had my own television binge recently and started a new-to-me series “Numb3rs.,”

I was aware of it when it originally aired, however, I didn’t watch it. Not because of school but likely because there wasn’t room on the DVR for it.

I watched the first five or six episodes on Saturday and Sunday. I love how they take an applied mathematics professor and make math make sense to use in FBI cases. I’m rather math deficient, but patterns make sense to me. I’m more than a little jealous of those who understand math.

But I found myself checking to see how many episodes there were in the series. I was a bit surprised that it spanned five or six seasons. The first episodes didn’t have much character development. The focus is the math, with a few small jumps into personal lives. Part of me is intrigued. And part of me is bored.

Maybe it was too much to watch that many episodes, basically back to back (there was some Dr. Who in between as well as a little bit of Sherlock.) I like the characters and want to see them pulled into some personal stories. I’m not sure that I want them to develop a personal vendetta against a serial bad guy.

I’ll keep watching, I’m a bit compulsive that way and find it hard to stop activities that aren’t out right horrible.

In the meantime, math will be enough for me to keep coming back.

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