2013: A reading success

Last year – 2013 – was a banner year for The Word Nerds.  Each of us topped 100 books, a first for Bethany and a first in a long-time achievement for me.  In my typical fashion, I had several books in progress towards the end of the year, which positions me well for a grand total in January, but that’s a bit preemptive for today.

In 2013, I read 102 books or 36,648 pages.  Two series topped 13 books each – Sookie Stackhouse and Reacher.  Mercy Thompson and The Parasol Protectorate were a close finish at 7 and 5 books each.

I’ve been itching to re-read the Dresden files.  I LOVE Harry Dresden (sorry, honey, he has a larger than should be spot in my heart.  Especially since he is a fictional character.) Book 15 in that series is scheduled for 2014 and I can justify it that way.

I believe I need to re-read the Potter series.  My 10-year-old finally picked these up and is reading through them at a good clip.  He is currently on Goblet of Fire, after 3 or 4 months of reading.  Like his mom, he usually has a couple of books going at once.

Last week, I declared that I would start listening to audio books instead of podcasts.  I found a new series to listen to for that activity:  Kate Wilhelm’s Barabara Holloway series which is a legal thriller.  And, as always, my TBR is packed full of titles that I will be turning to as well.

2014 will also mark the reading of 500,000 page (yes, listened to books are counted in that stat.  There’s a long discussion around this and I fall into the metric side where my metric is page count and book count.)  The end of 2013 was as 484,077 pages.  I figure I should cross 500,000 in May.  If I’m ahead, it will be April.

What reading goals to you have for 2014?  What should I be adding to that TBR? After all, I am going to shrink it this year!


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