Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, eating and drinking special treats. I love that aspect of the holidays, but it does mean lots of time with people. And, even though they are people I love, they are still people.

In January, I shift back to “me time” and indulge in things I like, that make me happy, and usually involve no one else.

This January is proving no different. I’ve got three or four books going right now. I have a great crafty project lined up. I have been doing some spring cleaning (hey, it’s finally light enough to see some of those dusty corners!). And I have been in quiet contemplation of what I do and don’t like.

It seems odd to indulge. After all, many holiday activities are just that. Yet, the introvert in me wants that quiet time. It’s as necessary as oxygen, as books, as food.

The upside is that I get recharged and rejuvenated. The downside is that it hasn’t happened yet, ergo this rather self reflective blog post.

Brilliance will arrive later this month.

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