Book Banter — Heist Society


Title: Heist Society

Author: Ally Carter

Length: 5 audiobook CDs

Genre: YA

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: Indianapolis Public Library

Plot Basics: All Katarina Bishop thinks she wants is to walk away from her family’s life of crime. But when a prank gets her kicked out of the elite Colgan School, she learns that her father is blamed for stealing five paintings from Arturo Taccone, an Italian who’s a “different kind of bad.” Kat knows her father is being framed and with a teenage crew of thieves, sets out to re-steal the paintings back and clear her father’s name.

Banter Points: If you like stories of theft (think Ocean’s Eleven of the Thomas Crown Affair), then Heist Society is for you. The cast of characters is fun. Since I did this as an audiobook, props to the reader for doing great voices too. Carter managed to not only write a great thief novel, but she captured the teenagers in the story great. The drama of getting looked at by a boy was believeable and helped center an otherwise over-the-top plot about teenage thieves pulling off the job of the century.

Bummer Points: Ally Carter’s been on that giant TBR list of mine for a long time and the only bummer is that I waited so long to finally read one of her books.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Since I did this an audiobook, I would recommend it in that format, but I’m sure it’s fun in print too.


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