No More Podcasts

A couple of days ago it hit me that I haven’t listened to a podcast in over a month. Instead, I’ve been listening to audio books, courtesy of Oshkosh Public Library and their incredibly easy check out system. I’m in the car for my daily commute and have a portable speaker for when I am at home. I realized I probably could add between 20 and 30 books a year to my reading counting if I invested time in listening to books.

Yes, ethical dilemmas can ensue if a book read can also be a book listened to. I am in the camp of “I consumed the book in a method that is comparable to what the author intended.” In other words, it wasn’t abridged or on the silver screen and ultimately contained e same word count as the print version. Good enough for me until publishers start printing word count.

Ethical dilemmas aside, I also can do other things while listening to a book, like clean or exercise or be crafty! And since I also finished my MBA last spring, I also have more time for me things that aren’t school.

All told, I really expect this to be a stellar year for reading. And now I’m off to the current audio book.


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