2013 was The Year

Last year was The Year.

I hoped that someday, I’d managed to read 100 books in a year. I’d gotten close with 96 in 2007, but thought the 100 book mark might just be a tad elusive, the yearly totals going down from that point.

completed 2013When 2013 started, I set a Goodreads goal of 75, hoping to focus more on quality than quantity. Yeah, about that…

I read 108 books this year. I was focused on the 1,000th book milestone so much, I didn’t even realize I’d crossed 100 for 2013 back on December 4 when I finished Lee Child’s “Nothing to Lose.”

As for my goal of more quality instead of more quantity, I’m not sure I did that. On the other hand, I read a lot of fun books, even if they aren’t “important” books as far as being great literature. I’m tired of being told genre fiction isn’t “real literature” so I’m saying this is OK.

The truth is, I love series books and that means genre fiction. My 108 count included five Linda Robertson urban fantasy novels books, all three of Andrew Grant’s David Trevellyan spy thrillers, the audiobooks of Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom Trilogy, several Reacher books, eight Ex Machina graphic novels, three Marcia Clark legal thrillers… you get the idea.

Also, it’s audiobooks that helped push me over the 100 book threshold. I finished 18 audiobooks in 2013, which means I read 90 print books. I still use audio mostly for “rereading” things, though I’ve been slowly working through the Dune series on audio.

Ninety books in print still means a book every four days. That’s about right, if you do the math. A book is an average of 350 pages. I read about 80-100 pages/day based on what I’ve noticed in the way I update my progress on Goodreads. I’ve also noticed that my #fridayreads book is often something I’ve just started as I seem to find myself finishing things on Thursdays and Sundays (one book for the week, one for the weekend.)

I’m working out just what my 2014 goal will be. I’ve set a number already on Goodreads, but I’m still hoping to refine that in my own head more. Maybe it’s a year for another Russian…


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