Book Banters — The Gods of Guilt

godsofguiltTitle: The Gods of Guilt (Lincoln Lawyer #5)

Author: Michael Connelly

Genre: legal/mystery

Length: 387 pages

Plot Basics: Defense Attorney Mickey Haller gets an urgent text message about a murder case. When he learns that the victim was a prostitute he’d previously represented and tried to help get out of the life, Mickey takes the case. As he digs in to the current case and old ones, he learns that what he’d done to help might have put her — and now him — in danger.

Banter Points: If Connelly keeps writing legal thrillers like this one, I could be OK with Harry Bosch’s pending retirement. (Connelly has said that eventually Bosch will retire from police work…) This is by far the best of the Lincoln Lawyer books to-date.

Connelly proves, once again, that he’s a master of plot creation. The book is a page-turner and it’s solidly in one character’s head (Mickey’s) — no fake suspense created by hopping into the head of the bad guy needed here. Haller starts pursuing an unpopular truth with such focus that he creates danger for himself and others. When Haller gets into the courtroom, the book explodes with plot twists and Haller shines as character, even as he is haunted himself by the gods of guilt.

Also, it’s fun to me that Connelly decided that the “Lincoln Lawyer” movie happened in his book world. Some might say he broke the fourth wall, but I liked it because it feels true to his very realistic LA. Haller has to live with his story having been on the big scree and there are real consequences to that.

Bummer Points: There’s an appearance by Harry Bosch and a little bit of crossover between whatever Bosch is working on and Mickey’s case. However, I think you had to jump through some social media hoops to get the Bosch story and it’s frustrating to me to not be able to read that story (now I can’t find the guidelines…)

Word Nerd Recommendation: If 16 Bosch books sounds like too long of a backlist, dive into the Lincoln Lawyer novels. It seems clear that they are where Connelly is headed and with this one, it’s clear you want to be on this track with him.

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