Best of 2013 — First Book in a Series

Both of us are series readers, loving the way characters and plots grow and change over time. While we might aspire to finish one series before starting a new one, that rarely happens.

Our first award of the year is always for “First Book in a Series.” Doesn’t have to be a new series, but the first book that sent us scrambling for more, or eagerly anticipating volume 2.


I waffled on my pick for a while having two new-to-me series’ that really stood out this year. But, after deliberating, I realized one fit the Best Discovered Author category, happening next week and that cinched it for me.

So — my pick is:

thealchemistofsoulsThe Alchemist of Souls, by Anne Lyle

I know. A 500+ page fantasy series book, that I wasn’t sure I was going to read when I was eight pages in won the category. I’ve realized in the past few weeks that I’m trying to maneuver my TBR pile so I get to book two, sooner, rather than later.

Why’d it bounce into an awards category? Because it was a refreshingly different book from all the mysteries I read and contains a favorite trope of mine — girl disguised as a boy to pass through society. There’s a cool bit with something like magic and body-snatching and mysterious creatures. I nearly abandoned this book eight pages in and I’m glad I stuck it out.


This was a tough one to decide on this year.  I only read a handful of series this year.  I had two series rise to the top and deciding between them was almost impossible.  I liked them for very different reasons and it didn’t seem fair to have to pick one over the other.  Yet, I must.

Ergo, my pick is:

Moon Called by Patricia BriggsMoon Called, by Patricia Briggs

They were part of my summer reading and my heart would skip a beat when the next one was ready for pick-up at the library.  Unlike many urban fantasies, the supernatural world is known to the humans of the world.  It isn’t an easy relationship and the balancing of the two worlds is part of what kept me coming back.


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