INTJ Christmas cards

Recently, somebody found the Word Nerds by searching “What do INTJs write in a Christmas card?”

Part of me feels like this question is like a “how do INTJs put their pants on?” kind of question. (The same way everybody does, right?)

I send Christmas cards every year. I don’t particularly enjoy doing it, but I’ve learned it’s one of those social things that I should do to be a little less stand-offish to the outside world. This year, mine are desperately late going out because of a lack of stamps which is the sort of detail I can’t believe I missed as an INTJ/mastermind. What a way to derail such a plan to bring holiday cheer to people…

But, the more I thought about the question, the more I realized it was legit.

hate trying to figure out what to write in a Christmas card. That’s what the pre-printed text is for, right? That’s why I spend so long deliberating while picking out the cards because I want the message to say the right thing. The people who write greeting cards have to be F’s (right?) because they understand that cards are supposed to make people have feelings and know what to say to elicit that response.

What do I write in a Christmas card?


INTJ Card edit

Every time I write it, it feels cheesy. Mom, aunts and uncles, good friends — every card. It might be slightly different each year, but not much.

It’s not particularly personal or inspirational. If you wanted me to lay out a strategy for how to get all your Christmas stuff done in your card, I could do that (this year’s stamp-getting failure not withstanding). But to try to figure out something that will matter to your individual feelings? No way.

When I have to write congratulatory messages at work (a task I am assigned somewhat regularly) I google for sample text. I then borrow and tweak and come up with messages that sound really great and personal and wonderful. They assign me another and then I borrow and tweak and google some more.

I’ve googled Christmas card messages before.

Now, don’t take this for Grinchy-ness. I love that at Christmas, I get to spend time with people that matter to me. I see other INTJ forums online that are down on the holiday (or most holidays.) Maybe people don’t make sense at Christmas — like when grandma gives you the frighteningly cute kitten-shaped lightswitch cover. But that doesn’t mean I’m heartless about it. It means that she’s trying to be thoughtful and get me something that’s based on an interest I have. Maybe I have to run it through the logic filters to get that, but I do.

Christmas cards aren’t about people making sense to us; it’s about us INTJs making sense to them.

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2 thoughts on “INTJ Christmas cards

  1. David says:

    Thank you for the post. It was very well done. Best for the future, David.

  2. […] this time last year, Bethany posted about a brave soul who found our blog by Googling “What do INTJs write in a Christmas card?”  It was fair and correct to point out that this is an odd question, just like “How do INTJs […]

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