Quiz #2: It’s or Its?

If you are confused about why GG’s s fifth post is numbered Quiz #2, see this post!GENERAL GRAMMAR icon

Which of the following is correct? (a), (b), (both a and b), (neither a nor b)

(a)      It’s raining; it’s pouring. (Where’s the old man doing all the snoring? It’s so loud I can’t hear myself think!)

(b)      Walmart released it’s fourth quarter earnings recently. (Oh wait, the fourth quarter isn’t over yet…maybe I meant 3rd quarter. OK…2nd and 5 at the 12-yard line…whose on first? I wonder if that should’ve been who’s? I’ll check with me, myself, and I and have GG let y’all know.)

This one is SOOOOOOO easy to figure out. If you can replace “it’s” with “it is” or “it has” then keep the comma…I mean apostrophe. (You know…that’s a super-scripted comma.) If not, don’t apostrophenate! (Is that really a word?) I know you’re thinking that it can’t possibly be that easy to decide between “it’s” and “its” because if it were… (or was? subjunctive mood or not? I’d better study up on that when I can find time. Where’d be a good place to start looking? Probably in the same place as where I lost my lost marbles. Now where was I?) Ah…because if it were that easy, people wouldn’t get it wrong so often. Contractions are reportedly painful, but figuring this one out shouldn’t be.

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One thought on “Quiz #2: It’s or Its?

  1. David says:


    And no more drugs… for that man.

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