Holiday Cheating

Dear Eight-Up List,

It’s the holidays.


Homemade pumpkin raisin cookies. Recipe available upon request.

This is the time of year when lots of us say, “well, maybe just one more cookie” or “another glass of <insert beverage of choice.>” We’ll regret it in January, of course, and vow to get back to the gym and put such irresponsible behavior behind us.

For the past months, you’ve guided me well in my reading choices. I’ve ignored you here and there for a book club book or best-sellers, but by-in-large I’ve stuck with you. (I am statistically baffled with your obstinate refusal to ever select “A Long Day’s Dying” after months and months of it on the list.)

But for Christmas, dear Eight-Up List, you’re just too restrictive. Yes, I’ve used multiple times trying to get to a book I really want. But… maybe it’s not on the list. Or maybe it is. Or maybe, I’ll just go eat one more cookie and think about what I really want to read.

I’m headed home for the holidays, meaning for days I won’t be in the building where there’s a Library branch on the first floor. Yes, eBooks are accessible all the time if I change my mind, but I’ve got visions of curling up on the couch with my feline cousins (siblings?) and reading physical books. So that means, I need to be placing my holds now to get books in time.

I’m totally cheating for Christmas. I’m picking what I want to read, and not leaving it to chance. Here’s my deliberate TBR list:

1. The Gods of Guilt, Michael Connelly

2. The Masque of Shadows, Anne Lyle

3. Tell No Lies, Gregg Hurwitz

4. Prey, Rachel Vincent

If I get through all these, we’ll just see if I go back to the list or make another non-list pick.

I’ll see you in January, Eight-Up, with new non-cheating resolve. 



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