Some things just go together…

“Me and my books in the same apartment, like a gherkin in its vinegar.”  –  Gustave Flaubert  a secret spot for a reader

Readers need cozy spots.  A safe place where they can fall into a book and not worry about anything that occurs outside of those pages.  Readers instinctively understand this basic need in life.

Designers create beauty for those cozy spots. has created a list of twenty cozy spots and their designers.  I truly cannot decide on my favorite.  Honestly, if someone granted me a single wish, I’d pick a reading spot of my own, and any one of these three would be on the list.

I love the simplicity of a seat that looks out to a beautiful view.  The simple adornment leaves nothing between reader and book.  But the storage and handy spaces of the chair are brilliant.  I could spend most of my life in that chair, I believe, with pots of coffee and tea.

My current spot is a comfy corner of our high-sided couch.  I can sit forward with my feet on the floor and lean to the back or side.  I can lean on the arm and stretch my legs out.  I usually have a dog — or two — curled next to me.  I have a small table that I keep close for gadgets and extra books.  And that cup of coffee!



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