1,000th Book

bookshelf fullOne-thousand books.

The next book is the 1,000th book on my ongoing Books I’ve Read list. (The “my” here belongs to Bethany… I swapped days with Stacie specifically for this post.)

I started it in 2002 when I was a senior in college. Since then, I’ve been dedicated to this habit. I keep the initial list in my journal and then transfer it to one giant Excel spreadsheet. In Excel, I track pages read and average count and other geeky statistics.

A few weeks back, I mentioned on FB that I was getting close to 1,000 books and somebody suggested a poll. I was reluctant, thinking that I’d get stuck with something I had no interest in reading.

At first, I thought I’d let book 1000 just come up naturally in the Eight-Up sequence. Eight-up is all things I want to read, why do anything different for this title?

But… the 1,000th book. That’s a milestone. That deserves care and attention, not just random probability.

I thought about titles that I really like, books that are special or that I’ve wanted to read or reread for a while. Because I like the bit of randomness (and because I would agonize over this choice) I decided a poll was the right way to go after all.

Here’s an explanation of my choices and then you can vote. December 10 is my cut-off for the vote, I expect. If I’m ready for book 1000 sooner than that, whichever book is in the lead at that time will win.

The Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien: I reread Fellowship earlier this fall and I want to keep going with the series. The reason for Tolkien should be obvious.

The End of the Affair, Graham Greene: I love Greene’s work, particularly his Catholic novels, of which this is one. I’ve been meaning to reread this for years and just haven’t yet, so on the list it goes.

Idlewild, Nick Sagan: I love this series. I stumbled on to it on a New Books shelf in the Oshkosh Public Library. Nick was then one of my first Author Answers posts back when Word Nerds was first getting started. I’ve been meaning to reread it for a while.

A Long Day’s Dying, Frederick Buechner: I read half of this book at the Library of Congress when I was a student in DC. It was the only copy I could find at that point in any library I knew of. I never finished it. Later, I asked for a copy for Christmas, received it, and the book is still unread on my shelf. Buechner is a favorite and the only book on the Eight-Up list that I’ve added to the poll.

The poll randomizes the choices and my list shouldn’t be an indication of how I want you to vote. It’s just a list.


One thought on “1,000th Book

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