Editing, WIPs and Word Count

Hedge hogs are cute!  It has nothing to do with the post!

Hedge hogs are cute! It has nothing to do with the post!

Later this week we’ll be stuff with turkey, making our pajamas feel tight.  Until that day, I’m stuffing words into 750words to meet my word count goal of 22,500.  (Yes, those NaNoers are struggling to meet 50,000 for the month.  I realize that I’m at less than half of that.)

At the end of October, Bethany and I decided that we were inspired by NaNo, but not at a place with our writing to actually need a massive push of 50,000 words.  Bethany needed edits and I needed the commitment of regular writing.   To meet that end, we resurrected the Chocolate Cake Club.

The rule of the club was that you had to attend the meeting each month.  If you met your goal, you got cake.  If not, you watched everyone else eat cake.  Since the Nerds are now several hundred miles apart, meeting each month is a little tougher.  Instead, we pledged a gift card to a favorite shop instead.

Having the commitment has helped me get my butt back in the chair and write words.  They’ve been the typical mix of good and bad.  I spent some time getting to know one of the characters better.  I don’t think she is very likeable yet but I understand her motivation better.  I built a couple of foils into the story to make her more approachable and reasonable.

And I’m going to meet my goal.  I’m at 18,235 words of the 22,500 I need.

And Bethany?  Well, I’ll let her tell her side.  Cheers to the Chocolate Cake Club!


2 thoughts on “Editing, WIPs and Word Count

  1. It definitely helps to have a definite goal and a reason to meet it. A partner is a good way to make that happen.

  2. Sebastiene says:

    Never, never underestimate the power of chocolate cake.

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